Mobile Video Search – vTap

Earlier this year I met a company called Veveo at the 3GSM in Barcelona. They had what was one of the most interesting applications on show. A search engine, for your mobile device, that crawls the Internet for videos (in any format) and converts them to a format that your handset can view. Sounds simple enough….

However what made this really fantastic was that they were able to cut down the key strokes needed on a handset to search for content… They did this by coming up with a system that searchers based on letters instead of words… so from the second you start typing the search begins, which means you should be able to find your video much quicker!

What takes it to the next level is that you don’t have to actually type the full word to find your video, you can search via your normal numeric keypad.

The best way to explain this is for example: If I wanted to find a videos on a “cats”, to type the word “cats” on my Nokia n95 handset would involve 10 keytrokes (three strokes on the number “2″, five strokes on the number “7″ etc.) With vTap, instead of having to type the full word, I can simple just put in the numbers: “2287″ (which is where I would find the letters). The system will automatically associate the numbers with the word “cats” and then start searching the web for all the videos that are tagged “cats”

That’s why we at Veveo™ created vTap—the quick and easy Web video solution that lets you search, browse and pinpoint the exact Web video you’re looking for—from sources all over the Internet—and play it on any supported device! With vTap’s unique character-based incremental search—where results are returned with every character entered—you can perform searches using just a few characters instead of whole keywords. It’s so easy, you’ll think it’s reading your mind.

don’t believe me? try it out for yourself!

You can test out vTap here: