Providing an inside look at the Gaza conflict…

After my television debut last week on Al Jazeera, Noam Cohen from the New York Times got in touch with me to discuss AlJazeera’s use of new media to cover the war in Gaza. The article also appeared in the International Herald Tribune …. My colleague Mohamed Nanabhay was also interviewed to discuss our soon to be launched Creative Commons license on some of our footage….

According to Mr. Nanabhay, and another new-media evangelist within Al Jazeera, Riyaad Minty, a 24-year-old South African who is a senior analyst at the network, the Gaza crisis is helping to convince their superiors of the power of the Internet to tell a sprawling story that unfolds over weeks or perhaps months.

Credit for the launch of all these services has to go to the entire team. Everyone has been working crazy hours to get our projects up and running for the current situation in Gaza.

Call it reporting 2.0, War 2.0 or whatever you like… Technology is just a tool, how we use these tools is what counts. Our focus has always been to give a voice to voiceless and interact directly with our viewers on a host of new platforms.

We hope that through our in-depth coverage (television, website and new media) we have been able to reach new audiences with our ground breaking reporting. It’s only by getting a full picture, from both sides, are we able to truly understand the nature of conflicts.

Oh and the photo they used for the article was taken by me (credit goes to Morad for setting the aperture on the camera). NYT did get their job titles wrong; Moeed is the current Head of New Media and Morad is a Senior Analyst;.


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