Global Lives… A video library of Human life Experience

The Global Lives Project is a collective effort of more than 150 volunteer film makers, artists, architects, programmers and everyday people from around the world to build and display a video library of human life experience.

The folks over at Global Lives are working on a very cool project… The idea is to give you an idea of what everyday life is like for various people around the world. The concept is to follow someone around with a camera for 24hours. They have quite diverse group of people from around the world that have been recorded so far (Brazil, USA, Japan & Malawi).

Our goal is to record 24 hours in the lives of ten people that roughly represent the diversity of our planets population. These ten lives will come together in an innovative video installation and form the basis of a collaborative online video encyclopedia of human life experiences.

If you’ve got pretty good language skills why dont pop over to the dotSub site and help translate some of the videos to your mother tongue….