New Media & The War on Gaza

I got called up to do an interview on Al Jazeera English today…. The topic was the role of New Media in the War on Gaza… 

We have been pretty darn busy in the New Media office getting stuff up and running for the situation in Gaza. You can follow our official Twitter stream (@AJGaza) to stay up to date with the latest info, if you would like to have your views heard on air, you can submit them through our new “Your Views” site for English and “Sharek” for Arabic…

We have a few other projects in the pipeline which we hope to rollout in the next few days…. Watch this space…


2 thoughts on “New Media & The War on Gaza

  1. You articulate really well, Alhumdulillah.
    I have a blog but I feel like I don’t understand the crisis well enough to write about it.
    Any site you’re aware of that I can read and learn more about the situation in an unbiased manner?

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