BlackBerry Storm….

I’ve been talking about the BlackBerry Storm to my colleagues ever since I first heard about it. After using my iPhone for quite a while- the thought of having a touch UI with a “clickable” interface seemed to hold some promise…. Could this finally be a device that would provide the best of both worlds? Well… After reading this review on TIME – “BlackBerry Storm: The Novelty Wears Off Fast”, I guess not. I’m still keen to get my hands on one to play around with, however I dont think i’ll be purchasing a new device this month *sigh*

“The trouble with having to push down on the entire 3.2-inch screen every time you type a letter or confirm a menu choice is that it slows you down. The idea behind the clickable screen is that it will minimize errors by getting you to think before you press. Instead, it took much of the fun out of using the device.”

I guess the name says it all…. its fantastic to watch a storm….sooner or later you’ll be wanting the sun to come out so that you can get on with your life.


2 thoughts on “BlackBerry Storm….

  1. I love the last line: you want the sun after the storm.
    What’s an iphone like?I’ve only checked it out in the apple store as my purse strings are very limited, it looks great but so expensive!
    is it easy to use?

  2. admin says:

    iphone is fantastic…. it has serious limitations though, but even with those limitations i still love it. the whole user experience makes it very easy to use, just tap tap tap….

    the main thing when buying a phone, list down the things you use most (pics/videos/email/texting/music etc.) then work from there when looking for the ideal phone… not all phones will provide the best experience for every single item you like- so you’ll need to weigh them up to see which is best for you

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