Flash Video on Mobile… now thats awesome!

Adobe’s Flash Lite 3 will have video support on mobile devices. This is another great move towards a converged experience of web and mobile.

Imagine the possibilities with this! Almost all the major social network sites these days have some sort of flash video running on it. YouTube will be easily accessible on handsets, which is fantastic. The YouTube mobile version is currently streaming video through to you in RealMedia [on my N95]. Due to YouTube having to convert the videos to a compatible format they have only made a selection of their content available on http://m.youtube.com site [at least for now]. With flash support for video, this would in theory mean that we could now browse and access all the content on YouTube, as you would on your desktop! Very sweet indeed!

Al Ramadan, senior VP for mobile at Adobe, said: “With Flash Lite 3 and its support for video, we’ve passed a major milestone in bringing a desktop experience to mobile and transforming the wireless industry.”

What is quite interesting about this, is that the mobile industry have always been saying that one of the key factors that will drive mobile tv usage would be the access of short form content. With flash now serving video to mobile devices this opens up the entire market to short form content.

NTT DoCoMo & Nokia have both commited to to embedding Flash 3 Lite on their devices & Adobe expect to have a billion handsets with flash-enabled devices by 2010.

Now I just need to get myself a version of the software so I can play around with it!


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